Malice in Wonderland

7 August
I'm a web developer, digital artist and photographer, originally from the US but now living in Staffordshire in the UK. I've lived in New York and Los Angeles, San Francisco and Florida...and now here. I plan to live here permanently and get my British citizenship in 2005.

Interests include paganism, reading, computers, photography, film, music, good food, riding, dancing and animals...and travel, of course. Kissing is right up there, followed by massages by candlelight. Or is it dancing all night? No, perhaps it's flying a Harris Hawk in a Cheshire wood. Of course, kissing is still very nice. ;)

Recurring Characters:

Phil/wandringsoul: hubby
Kipper: 4 year old Cleveland Bay horse
Lizzie: 12 year old Thoroughbred
Beanie, Trouble and Tink (Baby): ferrets
Aja and Anansi - Cricetomys Emini, two young African Giant Pouched Rats.

Favourite Quote:
He had always believed implicitly in things supernatural, things beyond the ken of the world he woke to every day. He believed in them because they had to be there; otherwise there was no hope for him, because he had always known he could not live his whole life in the real world.~Poppy Z. Brite, LOST SOULS